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Monday, 14 February 2011

New TimestripPlus - 8 deg C at a glance

New TimestripPlus +8 deg C temperature indicators can show at a glance whether your vaccine or medication has breached the recommended level of between +2 deg C and +8 deg C and for how long.

To remain potent, medications and vaccines need to be stored within the temperature range recommended by the manufacturers and TimestripPlus offers an extremely convenient and cost effective solution for managaing cold chain items.

TimestripPlus indicators are easy to use, simply activate at room temperature and apply the disposable indicator to your temperature sensitive item using the adhesive backing. Store the item below the 8 deg C threshold and the indicator will remain inactive. However, as soon as the temperature of the item rises above 8 deg C, the indicator will not only record the breach, but for how long it occurred.

Helapet are the exclusive distributor of TimestripPlus for the NHS, please call 0800 0328 428 for samples and more information.

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