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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Have you been assessed yet?

The HSE are carrying out an inspection campaign to assess the health and safety management of the prevention of sharps injuries.

Recommendations and best practice are that there should be no recapping of needles, suitable PPE should be worn and needles and sharps are disposed of safely as contaminated waste.

Our double wrapped and sterilised sharps bins have needle and vacutainer removers on the lids for the safe removal, disposal and transportation of sharps waste without the need for hand contact. These are available in sizes 0.6 litre - 5 litre with purple lidded and labelled bins available for cytotoxic identification.

Our disposable apparel is available both non-sterile, or individually sterile wrapped for aseptic areas. We have a wide range of gloves for specialist applications including our Berner latex and neoprene gloves for handling or administering cytotoxics.

Using our Pharmavent Fine Spike Vent device minimises the incidence of needle stick injury. the slim spike will easily penetrate the rubber bung on bottles and bags, but reduces the risk of penetrating the skin of the user accidentally. PharmaVent Fine Spike Vent can be used for multi dosing applications reducing the need for the reinsertion of a spike or needle each time a withdrawal from a vial or bag is made.

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